Top 20 Best Satellite Receivers for Television

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Satellite TV receivers are a great way to access digital content and services without the need for a cable or satellite subscription. They are also more cost-effective and can be used in places where traditional television signals cannot reach. So, if you’re serious about cutting the cord and saving money, and you find yourself asking what is the best satellite receiver, this list is just for you!

But before we proceed, let’s discover the wide range of benefits of using a satellite receiver:

  • Switching to satellite TV can be a huge money saver. With the rising costs of cable and internet, satellite TV is becoming more popular. Businesses, families, and individuals are using this affordable technology to save money.
  • It gives access to streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video. to radio channels. In order to benefit from it, viewers must have an internet connection. Some models even allow you to access radio channels!
  • It allows you to control your entertainment experience by switching between live TV, recorded shows, on-demand services, etc.

Here are The top 20 Best Satellite Receivers:

1.KoqitV5H H265 HEVC DVB S2 Satellite Receiver Satellite TV Receiver Smart TV Stick Receptor FTA Digital TV Box DVB-S2 Sat Finder

This satellite receiver box is set to work with a single touch of the remote control and gives you total freedom to watch TV anywhere in the world and enjoy live sports.

It has built-in Wi-Fi and supports different video formats such as H.265/HDR10 & 4K video. The Universal Interface allows you to use your existing UHF/VHF antenna, or connect an external antenna for higher reception.

2. SOCOTRAN GT Media V7S2X HD Free to Air FTA Digital Satellite TV Receiver

The SOCOTRAN satellite receiver is a great tool for those who are looking for a reliable and easy-to-use device, with multiple free-to-air channels and programs to browse through. It can be used to watch all the latest movies, series, and sporting events.

It’s an excellent choice if you’re seeking an alternative to cable TV, since DVB-S/S2/S2X, BISS Auto Roll, Full PowerVu, Multi-Stream/T2MI, and Full-Speed USB 4G Dongle are all supported.

It includes USB WiFi Antenna, Plug-In with CS Protocol, CCcam, and so on. Paid Programs are also offered.

Don’t forget to download the latest firmware, as well as establish a new mobile hotspot and improve the multi-stream PLSN function.

3. Digital Outdoor Amplified HD tv Antenna

A digital outdoor amplified HD TV antenna is a reliable and affordable way to get the best TV reception available today. It is designed to use in a variety of environments and can last about 10 years. The satellite receiver allows hundreds of channels than cable TV, including all major networks.

It has many incredible features which make it an ideal choice for your TV such as;

  • AST HDTV Signals provide you with the best experience to watch live TV.
  • Out of the way and easy to reach and install.
  • It’s able to support two TVs at the same time without needing a splitter.
  • The durable and weather-proof design of this antenna makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor use. A built-in 360-degree rotation feature ensures that the antenna can be used practically on a daily basis.

4. DIRECTV H24 HD Receiver

Another contender for the best satellite receiver.

Their innovative HD receiver allows you to watch TV in high definition, on top of a recording function and parental controls, to keep your children entertained without the worry of inappropriate content.

The box includes an HDMI cable, a remote control, a power cable, and an access card.

5. GT MEDIA V7 PRO Free-to-air FTA Digital Satellite TV HD Receiver

This device comes with a WiFi Antenna, Plug-In, Supports WiFi, and CS Protocol.

The V7 PRO FTA Satellite Receiver supports DVB-S/S2/S2X, HEVC Main 10 (10bit), BISS Auto Roll, Full PowerVu, VCM/ACM/Multi-Stream/T2MI, Multi-PLP, Smart Card Slot, and comes with a Full-Speed USB 4G Dongle.

6. GT MEDIA V8 UHD 4K Ultra HD Digital Satellite Receiver

This GT MEDIA V8 UHD 4K Ultra HD Digital Satellite Receiver offers robust and powerful performance, providing the user with an enjoyable viewing experience.

The Satellite Receiver box Supports DVB-S2/S2X, DVB+T/COAX CABLE, one of the latest coaxial cables.

It contains Dual-core MIPS74Kf processors that support 4K ultra-high definition displays and decoders, and a 2.4G built-in 2.4g WiFi module and Ethernet port support.

It is supported by Full PowerVu, DRE, and Biss keys, as well as DLNA and SAT To IP.

7. GT MEDIA V8X HD DVB-S/S2/S2X FTA Digital Satellite Receiver

This Digital Satellite Receiver is a high-quality, state-of-the-art device. This slim TV receiver has a sleek and modern design with easy-to-use functions and an impressive range of connectivity options.

The CA Card Reader and Multi-room allow you to share your CA card with other receivers on the same network.

It comes with built-in wifi, Ethernet, and a 3G dongle. You can watch YouTube videos smoothly online or through supported streaming apps.

New software programs could be downloaded and installed on your computer through a USB port, or even by way of an FTP upgrade.

DLNA functions allow you to send video from your phone or tablet to large TVs. SAT to IP functions allow you to share satellite TV programs on your iPhone, smartphone, or device via the GTShare app.

8. GT MEDIA V7S2X HD 1080P FTA DVB-S2X H.265 HEVC Digital Satellite TV Receiver

GT MEDIA is a manufacturer of this satellite receiver box, providing high-definition video, HD channels, and the best audio quality. These Satellite receivers are compatible with popular devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, and more.

V7S2HD is a recent upgrade for V7S with auto-tuning, DVB-S2X, and HEVC/H.265 H.264 and 4G support. Other features are identical to earlier versions.

You can choose Auto-scan or Blind-scan to search channels. A satellite dish or antenna is required, and the orientation of that dish comes into play.

It supports unicable, DiSEqC1.0/1.1/1.2/USALS Motor, Automatic PAL/NTSC conversion, and USB 2.0 for PVR, TIMESHIFT, media files playback, and upgrades through your USB flash drive.

9. KOQIT FTA H.265 HEVC Satellite Receiver

This powerful satellite receiver is next on the list.

It supports Unicable, DiSEqC1.0/1.1/1.2, and USALS motor technology that automatically converts from PAL to NTSC based on the final destination of the signal, a USB 2.0 port for connecting your PVR box, TIMESHIFT for transmitting faster media files and firmware upgrades more conveniently over USB flash drives.

This product allows Full/blind search on multiple satellites and is easy with the correct cables plugged in.

10. Koqit DVB s2 Satellite Receiver FTA Satellite tv Receiver

When it comes to this Satellite receiver box, it is important to note that the dish should be adjusted before connecting to the device in order for it to work well. It will impact whether or not the machine can receive channels.

There’s no need to bring a phone, tablet, or laptop with you when you want to enjoy a movie or show on your TV. Just Cast it via Chromecast and watch it right on the big screen where you want it.

This Koqitsatellite receiver will build up its own free IPTV streams for you, or it can import your list of IPTV channels on the built-in m3u player.

11. Factory Remanufactured Dish Network VIP 211z HD Satellite Receiver

This free-to-air Satellite receiver is one of our top picks for the best satellite receiver.

It supports DVR. And instead of a built-in hard drive, it allows you to add your own external Hard Drive.

The DISH HD Receiver comes with a Universal IR Remote and Custom Software for Tailgater and Relay Antennas.

It requires a one-time payment as a DVR activation Fee.

12. Zgemma H11S Satellite TV Receiver

This 2022 New Zgemma Satellite Model is a high-quality, low-cost device, with built-in WiFi and USB ports for easy setup. It’s compatible with major satellite TV providers in the US including DirecTV, Dish Network, and more.

It supports 4K- 2160p and has a Linux Operating System with an ARM processor with 1500MHz Quad-core CPU,16GB EMMC FLASH / 1GB DDR3 Memory.

The latest CM3798MV200H chipset supports 4K- 2160p resolutions and has a high-performance score.

13. FULL HD Combo Freeview HD + Satellite Receiver

The latest NEW FULL HD Combo Freeview HD + Satellite Receiver allows you to watch TV and listen to radio stations. It can also be used as a DVD player, CD player, and VCR.

It has built-in Wi-Fi to connect to the apps you need, like YouTube and RSS weather apps. If you don’t have your home router on, you can use your mobile phone’s internet connection with tethering. You can also use external storage to store your personal files so they are available for your enjoyment.

You can pause live TV, instant replay recorded programs and set up a playlist. You’ll need an external hard drive or USB memory stick to take advantage of these features.

14.iView-HD NEW Smart TV 4K Android Combo

This product specializes in built-in WIFI as you can install whatever apps you want.

It has Freeview HD, Satellite HD, USB HD Recorder, Multi-Media Player, and an Online Platform simultaneously.

The satellite box supports 2 USB ports, a slot for a micro SD card, HDMI out, satellite out, and antenna out. It also has an ethernet port.

It Features the H.265 Latest Solution, 8GB ROM, 1GB RAM, 2.4GHz Speed, and a Uniquely Designed Remote Control.

15.SOCOTRAN GTmedia V7 S2X DVB-S/S2/S2X VCM ACM multi-stream T2MI

This SOCOTRAN GTmedia satellite receiver box has a list of interesting features;

DVB-S/S2 and Full PowerVu are supported, along with Multi-stream and T2MI support. And with its full-speed USB 4G Dongle.

With Plug and play, there is no need to scan manually as the dish of your broadcast can automatically detect many satellite channels automatically. It is also possible to choose Blind Scan for a specific channel you are interested in.

You can watch your favorite TV shows on Chrome by simply plugging in a USB wifi antenna, and connecting to the wifi with your phone.

16. Mingbao New Full Free to Air FTA HD Smart Digital Satellite TV Receiver

This device is built-in with a Full / Blind search so that you can find your satellite signal in any desired location for either one or multiple satellites.

It features Ully DVB Compliant and H.264/MPEG-2/MPEG-4/AVS, and a powerful service control: Favorites, lock, skip, move, rename and delete.

Do not forget to Support DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / USALS / Unicable.

17. Orby TV – Satellite Receiver

The Orby TV Satellite Receiver includes the satellite receiver box and a Remote Control.

This model has a height of 1.6 inches, a length of 4.3 inches, a weight of 0.71 pounds, and a width of 7.1 inches.

It supports HDMI connectivity and a USB Port.

18. DIRECTV HR24 HD DVR Receiver – Residential

This model features a length of 20 inches, a weight of 12 inches, and a length of 5 inches.

With a memory storage capacity of 500GB, these drives can hold up to 12TB of data.

It Supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p picture resolution outputs and multiple screen formats and includes a 500GB built-in Hard Drive that Allows you to record up to 100 Hours of MPEG4 HD or 400 Hours of SD programming.

19.GTMedia Freesat V7S HD Satellite Receiver

This device is the renewal of the Freesat V7.

It now supports two USB ports and parental control among many other cool features.

You can use its USB port to integrate wireless Wifi through a Wifi dongle, update its firmware through local USB reading and add channel lists.

20. GT MEDIA V9 Prime Digital Satellite Receiver

This Satellite Receiver box allows Inserting CA Cards to Watch Programs.

You get to transfer your satellite TV Program to your mobile phone or tablet, thanks to this Satellite receiver. It also supports the DLNA Function.

The Receiver is updated occasionally for upgrades. You Can Upgrade It Through USB Port Or FTP.


A satellite receiver is an essential part of any entertainment system. It’s the best of the cable and digital worlds. The list we provided covers all there is to know about these models.  So, make sure to prioritize the features that benefit YOU, and your viewing experience.

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