Is it safe to have a radiator under the TV ?

can you have a radiator under a tv

While putting a radiator under your TV may seem like a space-saving solution, it can actually be quite dangerous. The heat from the radiator can damage the TV, and the cords can be a fire hazard. If you’re looking for a safe way to save space, consider putting the radiator in another room.

If you wish to attach your TV to a wall and the only suitable or desirable location is above a radiator or another heat source, you should consider these tips we’ve listed in this article. Continue reading for some assistance and guidance on the matter.

Is It Possible To Have A Radiator Under A Tv?

It is rarely a good idea to mount a television over a radiator.

The radiator is a heat-producing electrical gadget. If it is above or near the TV, the heated air will reach it. Which can harm the TV in the long run or raise the danger of probable electric faults that can cause a fire.

As a result, try to select a different posture that will not immediately expose your TV to heat wherever workable. Putting a TV atop a radiator or any other heat source should be your last resort.

The Best TV Wall Mount Bracket:

A full-motion TV bracket is the ideal form of bracket for mounting a television over a radiator.

Full-motion TV brackets allow you to move the TV away from the wall. It is ideal for protecting your pricey flat-screen TV from the increasing heat of a radiator.

Can The Radiator Cause The Tv To Get Hot?

If your TV is getting too hot, the issue may not be the temperature around it. It might instead be due to dust or insufficient ventilation.

  • Blocked vents: The ventilation apertures might become clogged at times. This is frequently caused by dust collection. The majority of TV owners should clean their vents.
  • Poor airflow: It can overheat if your television is positioned in a corner or a too-compact cabinet.
  • Also, keep your TV away from direct sunlight.

Tips On Having A Radiator Under A Tv:

Put on a radiator cover:

You might try directing the heat away from the wall and into the room so that it misses the TV location.

Install a floating shelving unit above the Radiator:

Like the radiator cover concept, you can put a floating ledge above the radiator to deflect as much rising heat as possible. A floating shelf would be ideal for this, giving you a place to store some ornaments and the TV remote.

Set up a fan:

Fans aren’t the ideal fail-safe equipment in this situation, but they can assist in lowering the temperature and ensure that less heat reaches the television. Because you only need the fan for the TV, you could opt to purchase a little USB fan that won’t dramatically lower the ambient temperature.

The distance between the television and the radiator:

If your TV’s heat resistance threshold is low and cannot handle high temperatures, you should put it as far away from the radiator as possible to allow heat to diffuse in different directions. The optimum distance is 15 cm (6 inches), with the TV at least 4 inches from the wall.

Check the Temperature around the radiator:

Most radiators are warm but not hot enough to burn. Steam, not hot water, penetrates the radiator’s fins. When you place your hands over a boiling kettle of water, the steam is extremely hot, yet it will not burn you.

Radiators work on the same basis.

However, the area above a fireplace may be too hot for television. It would be best to verify the wall’s temperature to hang your television above the fireplace.

Put a thermometer against the wall, let the fire get nice and hot, and then check the temperature. If it exceeds the specified maximum temperature, you should move your TV or use a mount that allows a few inches of space behind the set.

A thermometer might also be used to measure the temperature above a radiator. Check your thermometer and make sure it’s nice and hot. It’s tough to imagine it ever reaching 100 °F (37.87 °C).


Generally speaking, you can put a TV above a radiator if you give it some clearance. Many people hang their televisions over a fireplace, and a fire gets hotter than a radiator. Some people hang a shelf over the radiator to deflect heat away from the TV. 

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