Best saorview boxes in Ireland

saorview box ireland

Some Saorview boxes offer a lot of channels and content, while others are cheaper because they don’t have as many features.

There are many factors to consider when selecting the best combo box in Ireland. One of the most important considerations is what you need from it. Think about what you’re looking for, how it might work, and its benefits before committing to anything.

This article will provide you will all there is to know about your saorview box in Ireland.

Saorview: What is it and how does it work

Saorview is the Irish word for “free”, and is a free-to-air broadcaster in Ireland. Since its launch in 2010, it has been the only provider of free-to-air terrestrial TV services in the country.

The new TV app offers a variety of Irish Tv channels, including RTÉ One, RTÉ2 and TV3. It also broadcasts BBC One, BBC Two, ITV1 and Channel 4.

It provides a range of other channels you may be interested in, as well like Sky Sports News and Sky Sports Extra.

Saorview set-top boxes have been designed to provide viewers with a better experience than analog reception or cable TV providers, so it’s really unforgivable to not jump on getting one.

With higher-quality video and audio transmissions and the ability to record programs using a PVR function on set-top boxes, you have ultimate control of your TV.

Best Saorview boxes

Walker WPS818C Saorview Combo Receiver

The Saorview-approved HD Combibox is a fairly new product that measures 40 inches tall, 225 inches wide, and 225 inches deep.

It has a basic menu that is all in one place. It has aerial input for Saorview, satellite dish input for UK TV, and different RTE channels. You can use the automatic channel search tool and it features an HDMI port for playing content on your big screen.

It doesn’t come with cable, but does offer analog a/V output and RTE digital Teletext. It’s compatible with your existing roof aerial system.

If you have any trouble with the app, there’s also a 7-day electronic program guide included. You can also record your favorite series or live TV show to the USB key or hard drive.

Blazer HD-RF with Modulator – Digital Terrestrial Receiver

Take this high-quality digital terrestrial receiver and use it to broadcast your signal to another TV.

This amazing, high-resolution product lets you watch top-quality material on your TV without any conversion. With dual-standard DVB-T2/T compatibility, it’s sure to give you the best viewing experience.

It includes Tetris, Othello, and sudoku games, as well as automated and manual channel search modes. There’s also subtitle compatibility, Teletext compatibility, and up to 7 days of electric programme guide data.

Finally, if you want to record programmes then there’s a USB connector for external hard drives.

Blazer HD400 Combo Receiver

Freesat offers you HD channels like BBC1 HD and ITV HD, as well as over 300 digital TV and UK radio channels.

RTÉ Saorview, RTE One HD, RTE 2 HD, Virgin Media One, Virgin Media Two, Virgin Media Three and TG4 are all available – to name just a few. There are also nine Radio Stations!

One remote controller is provided and it works for both terrestrial TV and satellite services.

The features include:

  • Fully DVB-S/S2 / DVB-T/T2 MPEG2/H.264 Compliant,
  • High-Speed USB2.0 Connection,
  • Dolby Digital Bit-Stream Output via Coaxial S/PDIF & HDMI,
  • Full HD (1080p) Output via HDMI,
  • SCART Output for standard TVs,
  • 4 Digit Front LED Display,
  • Channel Recording to External Storage Devices,
  • TimeShift support,
  • Multimedia Playback Support (MKV, AVI, MPG, MOV, etc…), and many other impressive specs.

Saorview The TV you want, for Free

One of the reasons Saorview TV is your best source for tv programmes, is that it gives you access to a plethora of live television channels and on-demand programs for free.

With access to nationwide coverage, you’ll enjoy the show you want anytime. Plus there are plenty more bonuses like iPhone and iPad apps, commercial-free music channels, and more.

It’s really cool that TV Guide offers something for everyone. You can automatically tune your TV to the perfect channel for you by selecting a category, such as entertainment or education, and learn about the popular shows airing in that time slot.

And let’s not forget about the many other channels to spend quality time on, and all of that is available for free.

How can I access Saorview Connect?

However, you will need a Saorview-compatible TV or set-top box to use the service. You can either buy a new Saorview TV box or get one that can be plugged into an existing TV and an antenna.

To set up a decent antenna, it’s recommended that your equipment is connected to an external elevated on the roof – yet make sure you use quality cabling.

Saorview Connect now enables you to pause, queue and record live TV from wherever you are, giving you the choice of whether to watch it straightaway or at a more convenient time. Graced with catch-up TV and Spotlight services, it also provides some choices for the day’s finest programs for your viewing pleasure.

Simply plug an external USB drive into your new or current set-top box to create more storage space. It’s as easy as following a few on-screen instructions!

You should use a USB 3.0 hard drive in order to successfully record and playback HD material. One 500GB disk can usually hold around 100 hours of recordings, but you could also opt for one that is 1TB or more if you need more storage.

Despite this, if you’re in a specific area, you might be able to use an indoor antenna to get Saorview. If the signal’s not good enough, talk to your electrician and they might be able to recommend someone who can install the antenna for you.

Take 3 simple steps to get Saorview

  • Choose the right option for you

You have two options, either buy a Saorview Connect box, which will provide you with plenty of added features. This includes more channels and viewing options, being able to pause live TV and rewind TV series.

You will also have the option to access On Demand content and Connect Airplay, and many more.

The interface is easy to follow and everything you need is bundled together in an aesthetically-pleasing design.

To watch Irish channels without paying a TV license, you’ll need to purchase Saorview Approved TV equipment. It’s a newer technology that offers the potential for additional channels than current cable and satellite networks.

You may also enjoy listening to the radio or using digital Aertel. You’ll also have to choose a good Saorview box that is appropriate for your area and requirements.

  • Choose a retailer

You can find Saorview Approved products in hundreds of shops or online, so it’s worth checking out the list.

  • Plug in and enjoy

Simply by plugging the device into an aerial, you can start enjoying the day with all your new extra channels.



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