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Saorview Digital Free TV: Everything You Need To Know

What is Saorview TV?

Saorview is a digital TV service in Ireland, it was launched by the company Saorwatch in 2008. Since then, it has grown to become one of Ireland’s most popular TV services. Saorview Connect is readily available every month to subscribers and their monthly subscription fee varies depending on the number of Irish channels they want to view. The plans are divided into three categories: basic, standard, and premium. and you can get access to channels,  sports channels, and other Irish content. Additionally, customers can also watch live television on their smartphone or tablet using the Saorview app for free or subscribe for €10 per month.

Saorview TV also offers free-to-air channels for Irish households and allows access to over 100 high-quality, free-to-air digital Irish TV channels with no hidden charges or subscriptions.

The service also provides a wide range of worldwide TV channels including BBC, CNN, France 24, Discovery Channel, etc.

What does “Saorview” mean?

Saorview is the Irish word for “free view”, it was initially developed to provide a better TV experience and digital signal in rural areas of Ireland, where there was no terrestrial coverage.

How Does Saorview TV Work?

Saorview works by connecting your television set or computer with an internet connection and then streaming the channels through your device, and it doesn’t require any cable, satellite, or other equipment to use, making it easy for people who don’t have access to these services or don’t want them anymore or even prefer digital platforms.

The service is delivered through fiber optic cables and has been rolled out by Eircom since October 2015. The process of installing the cables has been completed across Ireland with over 500,000 homes now able to access the service.

There has been some modification regarding how the service work, but currently it works primarily by using the Saorview set-top box to connect to the tower, which then connects to the public network. The Saorview box also connects with your computer or laptop, tablet or phone through Wi-Fi and provides you with access to over +100 channels.

Why Do You Need To Consider Saorview 

Saorview is the best option for those who are tired of paying for expensive cable or satellite services every month. Saorview package has better quality than DirectTV or CableTV combined. This service will rock your world with over 100 channels for a low monthly subscription, meaning you will get a very good bang for your buck.

Saorview combo offers the best of both worlds, combining the best of free-to-air and pay TV. It is available in Ireland on various digital services such as Saorview boxes, TVs, tablets, and mobile devices as well as online at

Additionally, Saorview combo is the only Irish television service that does not require a set-top box or an annual contract with a provider and is available to all households in Ireland which means that it provides an easy way to get access to live TV. It also offers hundreds of channels in HD quality for free – including all of the major broadcasters in Ireland and the United Kingdom without getting trapped in paid satellite packages.

Can You Save Money Switching From Cable TV to a Saorview Package?

If you want to save money on your new TV switch, then switching from DirectTV or CableTV to Saorview Digital TV might be worth it for you. If you don’t care about saving money and are just looking for the best quality services available, then staying with your existing service is probably best for you.

However, if you are thinking about switching to Sarorview then you should know that it is not going to be easy. You will need to get a new TV and have a compatible receiver in order for the switch to work.

What makes Saorview service irresistible is that offers more than 100 channels for less than your current cable bill. It also offers free set-top box rental which is great if you are not ready to buy your own yet.

If you’re looking to save money on your TV bill, then you may want to consider switching to Saorview Digital TV. For example, if you are currently paying €74-60 per month for a DirectTV or Cable TV service, and you switch to Saorview Digital TV, you may be able to save up to €600 a year.

And if that doesn’t intrigue you enough, Saorview offers both free-to-air and pay channels. It is the first digital television service in Ireland with HD channels available. This means that it is the only Irish digital television service that offers high-definition (HD) channels for free with no hidden charges.

By subscribing to Saorview you can also gain access to all of the latest Irish and UK channels including BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5 as well as international channels from around the world such as CNN, Fox News, NBC, and Eurosport.

How Much Does Saorview Connect Cost?

Saorview Connect is free to use. However, it may be for certain people depending on how they want to get Saorview. It will be if you have to install a new aerial, buy a new Saorview TV, and choose a high-end model. In addition, each TV set that uses the service will require a box and an aerial connection, which might be costly. It will be less expensive if you only purchase one set-top box. An official Saorview Approved box now costs roughly €65-90; however, generic Digital Terrestrial Receivers cost between 50 and 60 euros.

Do I Need a Satellite Dish to Get Saorview? 

A satellite dish is not required to get Saorview, but it is recommended to get the best quality picture. If your home has a roof or you have an attic room with no roof that can be accessed by a window or door, then you will need a satellite dish as well as an appropriate receiver for your TV. And If you have a Saorview receiver, it can be used with any TV set that has an HDMI input port or with an antenna connected to your TV set.

List of Channels Available in Saorview Digital TV

  • RTÉ One
  • RTÉ Two HD
  • TV3
  • TG4
  • RTÉ News Now
  • 3e
  • RTÉjr
  • RTÉ One + 1
  • UTV Ireland
  • RTÉ Digital Aertel
  • Channel 4 

Should I Purchase Saorview Connect?

Saorview Connect is a product of its time that has some advantages and disadvantages. Consider the following to help you make your decision:

  • Pros of Saorview Connect:
    • There are no monthly bills.
    • There is no long-term agreement
    • Use the seven-day TV guide and roll-back tool, to catch up on all your favorite shows,
    • Availability of on-demand players
    • Pause and record live television
  • Cons of Saorview Connect:
    • An expensive initial set-top box (up to €200)
    • The Virgin Media Player is currently unavailable.
    • If you are located in a remote place, you may have low signal
    • There are just a few channels available if you connect to an antenna.
    • If you want to watch more channels than Ireland provides, you’ll need satellite dish installation.

Final Thoughts:

After reading this Saorview guide, you should have a good idea of what’s the best option for you. If you want to cut down on TV bills,  then switching from Saorview Digital TV might be worth it for you. If you don’t care about saving money and are just looking for the best quality services available, then staying with your existing service is probably best for you.

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